Best Travel Tour Visit Place In Chittagong City in Bangladesh | Ctg Travel Tour Place

Best Travel Tour Visit Place In Chittagong City in Bangladesh

Best Travel Tour Visit Place In Chattogram (CTG) | পর্যটন নগরী চট্রগ্রামের দর্শনীয় ভ্রমণ স্থান সমূহ

1. Patenga Sea Beach Chittagong.
Patenga Sea Beach
Best Travel Tour Visit Place In Chittagong. Patenga Sea Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Chittagong Patenga is a sea beach of the Bay of Bengal, located 14 kilometres south from the Chittagong port city of Chattogram, Bangladesh. Patenga Sea Beach is near to the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. Patenga is a popular and renowned tourist spot, Bustling beach on the Bay of Bengal featuring boating, street-food vendors & more.
Patenga beach is about 22 km.On the way to the beach one passes the Patenga Airport. It is a very charming place and You can enjoy the evening time to watch the lovely view of sunset.

Patenga Sea Beach Location:
  • Address: Sea Beach Rd, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Location Map:
2. Foy's Lake Chittagong.
Foy’s Lake
What is Foy’s Lake Resort
Concord Entertainment Co. Ltd. is operating Concord Amusement World Foy’s Lake, Sea World Concord, Foy’s Lake Resort .Foy’s Lake Resorts one of the main tourist spot of port city of the country. Set amidst panoramic surroundings this ideal spot for outing and picnic is thronged by thousand of visitors. The Lake Resort is really a picturesque.

The Foy’s lake was named after the name of the then Railway Engineer of British regime in 1925, Mr. Foy who designed the lake. Foy’s lake is enriched with
spectacular natural beauty.

The picturesque lake that spreads is over 336.61 acres of land is endowed with undulating valleys and hills of which 49 acres are water reservoir. Average 5000 people regularly visit the lake every day.

Foy’s Lake at a Glance
  • Year of Creation - 1925 AD
  • Total areas of land - 336.61 acres
  • Water Areas - 48.75 acres
  • Hill Areas - 282.96 acres
  • Road Areas - 2.00 acres
  • Depth of the Lake - 40 feet
  • Approx Water Capacity – 27.30 core gallons
Foy’s Lake

Foy’s Lake Resort located on excellent picturesque hilltop new township of Khulshi at the gateway to Chittagong adjacent left side on Dkaka – Chittagong road only require 5 minute to enter lake area. Beside the Resort area, a Bangladesh TV center & a posh residential area are situated which turned importance of the Foy’s Lake Resort to large extent. Only 30 minutes drive from Airport, 15-20 minutes from Railway station & Garib Ullah Shah Bus station to reach Foy’s Lake Resort.

Enjoy a picturesque lakefront setting which combines free, Children program, Floating Restaurant, lounge with nightly entertainment, a friendly & caring staff and host of other recreational amenities to offer the ultimate family vacation getaway. Whether your ideal vacation is to be busy every minutes of everyday or simply lounge in a lake chair, Foy’s Lake Resort makes it easy. Best Travel Tour Visit Place In Chittagong

Foy’s Lake Location Contact Address Information:
Chittagong Office :
  • Telephone : 031-2566080
  • Fax : 031-659406
  • Cell : 01913531554-5, 01913531480, 01913531483
Dhaka Office :
  • Telephone: 8833786, 9896482
  • Fax
  • Cell: 01913531386, 01913531387

3. Parki Beach, Anwara, Chittagong. 
Parki beach Anwara, Chittagong is located just an hour and a half away from the city of Chittagong. At one time, beaches meant only the Patenga beaches of Cox's Bazar and Chittagong, but this popular beach is also slowly becoming popular. On the one hand, the greenery of Jhuban, on the other hand, the sweeping waters of the Nile Sea will welcome you. And the gentle breeze of the seashore will fill your mind with joy. Beach City Chittagong is another natural beach among many beaches. To get there though, you have to cross the Karnafuli river in Chittagong and cross the river. There are numerous natural varieties, including red crabs, Zhou forests.
Great place. Nice sandy beach. Nice natural views. But roads are not good. It takes almost 02 hours to reach this beach from Chittagong city ( GEC Circle) Where as distance is only 28 km .
Parki beach Location Contact Address Information:
  • Address: Parki beach, Anwara, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Location Map

4. Bhatiary Golf Club, Chittagong.
Bhatiary Golf Club, Chittagong.
Bhatiary Golf Club, Chittagong. Golf Club and Nayanaviram Bhatiari Lake are located in Bhatiari of Sitakund Upazila. Bhatiari Golf & Country Club is located in Sitakund upazila, only 15 km from the city of Chittagong. Minutes on the Bhatiari-Hathazari road, the car can be reached at the golf club. In addition to the game, this area is also used as a picnic spot, but in order to have a picnic in the area, it is necessary to follow some rules or conditions that the appropriate authorities inform when allowed: eg food that cannot be cooked in the area, food should be brought out from the water and the area is dirty. Don't go. Therefore, permission must be obtained from the appropriate authorities before picnic. This area is reserved by the Bangladesh Army. So in this area there is no respite for violating the rules, the nature and the humanity. Those who want to see and feel very close to nature must travel to this area.
Bhatiari Golf Club  Location Contact Address Information:
Address : Bhatiary Golf & Country Club Post: BMA, Bhatiary, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Hours : Open 24 hours
Phone : 03127-80423

5. Sitakunda Eco Park, Chittagong.
Sitakunda Eco Park, Chittagong.
Sitakunda Eco Park is located only 4 km from Chittagong city. Which is currently being touted as an extraordinary tourist destination. There are two indescribable beautiful fountains called Thousand Stream and Saptadhara. In addition, there are numerous rare species of trees in Sitakund Eco Park which help to enhance tree knowledge. The Botanical Garden has an orchid house, where about 5 species of orchids are preserved.

Mountains, trees, wildlife, shrubs, bird's collars have made the Eco Park more prosperous. There are various wildlife assemblages, including Arjun, Tapalish, Jarul, Tun, Telsur, Chundul, and many other species of flowers, fruits and herbs. The ecopark feels unpleasant as the sun sets in the dark.

Entering the Eco Park, a large display is visible, all the tourists coming to the EcoPark display this eco park. It takes 5 / - rupees to enter Eco Park with CNG. And without the CNG, it will cost 25 taka You can have a picnic at Sitakund Eco Park. There is enough food for drinking, resthouses, toilets, etc. All are available for picnic.
Sitakunda Eco Park  Location, Contact Address Information:
  • Address : Sitakunda Eco Park and botanical Garden Rd, Sitakund
  • Area : 4.031 km²
  • Hours : Open 24 hours
  • Other information: There is charge for 20 taka except children
  • Open : 10:00 - 20:00