University, Hon's, Degree,Complete bd scholarship 2018

University, Hon's, Degree,Complete bd scholarship 2018

bd scholarship 2018

Honors, Masters, PhD or Non-Degree !! The scholarship with the Chinese government for any level student. As well as the benefits of stay-eating facility with a fat sums. In case of a scholarship of 4 years course for honors, 2-5 years for master's course, 3-6 years for PhD courses, general scholar and senior scholar, the maximum 2 year course is applicable.

That topic applies

You can take courses in different disciplines at 277 reputed universities in China. Degree can be taken on Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Law, Economics, Management, Education, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, History, Ges Fine Arts.


- No special qualifications

- Must agree to be included in the mentioned topics

*** China government's scholarship covers seven categories

- Bilateral programs

- Chinese University Program

- Great Wall program

- The EU program

- The program of the ANU

- PIP Program

- The WMO program


- The tuition fee is completely free

- The respective universities will arrange accommodation


* If the student wants to stay under the supervision of the university then he will be accommodated in the university dormitory (room of two people); And if the university allows him to stay outside then the university will also bear the cost of being outside.

- Monthly 700 Chinese Yuan (Rs 8717) for Honors / Masters / General Scholar

- Monthly 1000 Chinese Yuan (12452) for Doctoral / Senior Scholar

Scholarship (monthly)

- Undergraduate students: 2500 Chinese Yuan (31,132 rupees)

- Master / Master Scholar student: 3000 Chinese Yuan (37,358 rupees)

- Doctoral / Senior Scholar student: 3500 Chinese Yuan (43,585 taka)

During the scholarship, the concerned university will automatically give scholarship money to the students monthly

- 15th of every month registration will be available on the date before 15th, but after 15th day, half month scholarship will be available.

- If it is outside of China for more than 15 days (including holidays) her scholarship will be canceled

- Partial scholarship also will meet the shortage of other things, including full scholarship

How to apply

- The application forms will be submitted before the deadline for finding relevant Chinese universities

- Submit the application before accepting the application before the scheduled date (attach it to the pre-admission letter)

Application deadline

After the date fixed in January and beginning in April. The application must be submitted before the date before contacting the agency.

This scholarship, with a lot of opportunities, is a truly lucrative offer for Bangladeshi students. So do not delay, find out today in the relevant Chinese agency. Please contact the Chinese Embassy located in Bangladesh to know more about Chinese agency and application form.