nu transfer system

nu transfer system Nu Degree pass and Honours Course College Transfer condition and Rules Notice 2018 (TC)

Nu Degree pass and Honours Course College Transfer

The rules of college change / TC

For the reasons that can be taken for clearance

1. Guardian's: If the guardian is transferred to another district and town. Note that the parent      here only means the parents / mother. If the parents / guardians are present alive, they will          be  considered as guardians if they are guarded by legal means.

2. Guardian's death: The attested photocopy of the certificate of the local chairman's certificate  / death certificate should be attached to the application form due to the death of the guardian. Due to the death of the actual guardian, the responsibility of parental responsibility on which he has been vested, and his documents related to his profession and workplace and documents of national identity should be submitted. 

3.  Related_college_research_account suspension_all: In this case, affiliate affiliation letter by         the  university's inspection branch has to be attached.

4. Students' affiliation will have to submit the Charter of Social Welfare Department regarding 

5. In this case, the marriage certificate of the girl and her husband's workplace / residence address and the copy of the national identity card of the husband will be submitted.

6. Permanent_Address_Near_college: The student's permanent address will be given to the nearest college. In this case, the attested photocopy of the national ID card of the student's / father / mother should be attached to the application.

Due to the application

  1. The time to apply is 1. After the first year of results published 45, between the results of the second year results of 45 and the result of the 3rd year results after 45 years of publication.
  2. Application can not be made in 1st year, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year applications can be made.
  3. Apply to the prescribed form of the university. Application form.
  4. Attached copy of the application form, registration card and attested copy of the result should be attached.
  5. Candidate's mobile number must be attached with all the information about the application
  6. By checking the applicant's initial application, the mobile number given to the mobile number given within one week will be notified whether the application is eligible for application through SMS.
  7. Note that, in view of the improvement in quality of education, candidates who want to get admission in the college for admission in the clearing certificate will not be considered for the candidate's appraisal if the maximum number of optimum numbers is not considered.
  8. If the application is acceptable then the candidate will have to submit the final application in the prescribed form in the prescribed form.
  9. The application fee is to be deposited in the Sonali bank.
  10. With the final application, only the non-certificates of grant-in-aid college will be submitted.